Snack Shack: High School Ministry 

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In 2015 Youth Front started a ministry called Imagine Argentine, a vision to see young people as changemakers in our neighborhood. And imagine they did! Tired of the empty storefronts, they began to look at the neighborhood with new eyes. In the place of an empty strip mall, they imagined a place where they could hang out with friends. They wanted this place to be both safe and fun. And the cool thing is that these kids did more than imagine. They put together a business plan, talked to property owners and in October 2017 launched a business called Snack Shack KC. Snack Shack would be a place where kids could spend some time after school munching on snacks, playing pool or getting competitive with air hockey or just lounging around doing kids things under the watchful eye of caring adults. When the doors to SnackShack was finally opened our founding entrepreneurs hadn’t even graduated high school yet.

The Argentine Mennonite Church partners with Snack Shack to provide volunteers to assist our young changemakers as well as providing healthy snack options for our hungry kids. We are always looking for more of both, so join us to make a difference!