As we process what is going on in our nation today, I am going to start by telling you a little bit about the man whose death has shaken us all. Most people have seen at least a part of the cell phone video that captured the end of George Floyd’s life in Minneapolis, at the age of 46. Christianity Today, a magazine I respect a lot fills in some very interesting details of George’s life. But before he got to Minneapolis, George Floyd had really made an impact in a rough neighborhood in Houston known as the Third Ward. This is where he had lived most of his life. It was one of the roughest neighborhoods in the country. And in this environment George was a believer and a mentor to a generation of young men. He was known as a “person of peace” who enabled Christian ministries get a foothold they would never have. George Floyd was considered a community leader and elder statesmen by his ministry partners. His mission was to break the cycle of violence among young people and he used his influence to bring outside ministries to help his community in the historically black neighborhood. Access Password for Video: 6P?JpSB1