July 18, 2021

A Beggar is Transformed in Front if Gate Beautiful

Passage: Acts 3:1-11

Today we will focus on a miracle that happened when Peter and John were going about their business on day. This entire section from chapter 2 to 5 focuses on the events that took place in Jerusalem. And in Jerusalem it is always Peter who is the center of the action. In the later part of Acts when the action moves beyond Jerusalem, you will find that it is Apostle Paul who is at the center of the action. But whether it be Peter or Paul or anybody else, these narratives are laid out to show the reader how closely linked these miracles and teachings were to what Jesus himself did and taught. The only difference between Jesus and his Apostles you will find is that while Jesus did miracles under his own authority or the authority of His Heavenly Father, the apostles did their work in the power of Jesus’ name.

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