Behold the New

January 12, 2020
Life is a balancing act. We have to constantly balance between our work and home lives, balance between attending to things that are important versus things that are urgent, between spending and saving. But have you every wondered about balancing the old and the new? Dwelling on the past versus looking to the future? Well, focusing on the old helps us learn from past mistakes and build old skills, deepen old friendships. It is a reminder of where we came from. Focusing on the new helps keep life fresh and exiting as well as helping expand our horizons and grow in new ways. In the Bible we have versus that ask us both to remember what God has done in the past but also to journey with God into the new. God wants us to cherish the lessons from the past but also be sensitive to the new things that God is doing in our midst. Today we stand at the beginning of not just a new Year but a new decade as well. So I think this is a good time to think about the new. Entering the New Year is like reached the shore of a new land waiting to be explored.