March 21, 2021

DNA of Discipleship: Learning to Love

Passage: John 21: 15-17

So you must be wondering, how does this interaction Jesus had with Peter apply to your life?
Well, the first thing to know is anything you have done in the past however terrible is not a disqualification. Jesus can redeem the worst of your actions and your worst memories by rewiring them all into new positive associations. The biggest example is the cross itself, the most negative of images has been transformed into the most powerfully positive one. So you don’t have to be stuck in the past or be stuck in the pit because Jesus can change your charcoal pit of denial into the charcoal pit of your restoration.
The second thing to remember is that before we can account for how much we love Jesus, we have to face our weaknesses. If you don’t know yourself, no commitment you make has meaning. But remember Jesus will help us face ourselves and he will be with us and we do it so don’t be worried about anything.
Thirdly, when you say you love Jesus, do you know what it actually means to you individually? Church people are quick to say that we love Jesus and we sing about our love for Jesus effortlessly. But for it to mean something we need to hear what Jesus’ call on your life is. Each of us have our own unique calling. And we need to be clear about it because without that we might be doing one thing when Jesus wants us to do something else. And if we are not doing what we are called to do Jesus is not going to feel loved by your actions.
So remember this friends. It is never to late for Jesus to come into your life and restore or renew you. But to be restored we need to face ourselves and have clarity on what Jesus Christ is calling us to do.
I pray that each of us will have our own charcoal pit moments with Jesus as he restores us and helps us to face ourselves and whispers his call into our ears. Then we too can say, Lord you know everything. You know I love you. And Jesus will say, yes I know. Let us pray.

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