March 14, 2021

DNA of Discipleship Obedience

Passage: John 21:1-14

Jesus understands that we are tired and will get tired. That is why he himself makes breakfast for us.
Three lessons to focus us here are: Firstly, it is only when we are on the water that will we be in a position to hear Jesus telling us, where to throw the net. So let’s give it all we got friends! A pastor friend of mine says, “you cannot steer a parked car”. When we get moving, Jesus will tell us which way to go. Secondly, remember that Jesus already has caught fish without us. He does not need us but he wants to give us the privilege of contributing fish to the table and then showing off our work for all eternity. We don’t want to lose the privilege of giving our Lord Jesus that joy. Thirdly, he knows that we will get tired. But he has made a provision for our tiredness as well. So let’s not grow weary in doing good because if we persist and not give up, we will reap a rich harvest...

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