April 18, 2021

The State of the Body-Inflated and Hated

Passage: Scripture: Luke 12:54-56

In this next season of our church I will be starting a journey through the book of Acts. The book of Acts as you know is the record of the things that happened at the birth and early years of the church of Jesus Christ. It is a record of an incredibly vibrant and faithful church that was growing at an unimaginable rate across both the Jewish and Roman worlds and spreading across all of Asia and beyond. The early church is our gold standard and we can gauge the health of any church by comparing it to the early church. But if we want to get any place we also need to figure out where we are, right? Because to navigate we need at least the knowledge of current location and destination. So before we get into the weeds of the book of Acts, I will be spending three weeks addressing the present condition of the church in the United States. And as we see the bigger picture, we can figure out for ourselves where we stand locally in the context of this bigger picture.

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