April 4, 2021

The Stone That Never Rolled Away

Passage: Matt 28: 1-15

In his lifetime Jesus did many miracles, but this one, rising from the dead is the greatest of them all. Why? Because when Jesus did other miracles like say the turning of water into wine, he caused the material in that location to behave differently from the normal laws of nature for that period of time. The Resurrection miracle is different, because in Col 1:18 Jesus is called the “first born from among the dead”. That means there will be a second born and a third born and so on from the dead as well. So when Jesus rose from the dead, something happened to change not just the laws of nature in his physical body but something happened to change the laws of nature in the whole universe. The Bible also tells us that one day, this universe as we know it will end and there will be a New Heaven and New Earth. When Christ rose from the dead my friends, we got our very first glimpse of what our bodies might be like in this New Heaven and New Earth....

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