September 22, 2019

Through the Eyes of the Holy Spirit

Passage: John 16:5-11

As you know we have been dwelling on the Farewell Discourse in John 14 to 16 for the
last few months. And in this section, Jesus is preparing this disciples for the terrible
events that are about to take place and the radical new vision for the world that his
disciples will have to share with the world after Jesus leaves them. This was a really big
ask for that band of 11. Jesus would have spent a lot of time preparing his disciples for
what was to come. But only in the Gospel of John do you find such a detailed accounting
of the contents of Jesus’ last discourses. Now last week Jesus was telling them about the
Advocate He and His Father was about to send them. We looked at some issues related
to the interpretation of scripture and we also looked at how Jesus prepares his disciples
for the future by forewarning them of the persecution to come.
In today’s section in John 16, we get to look at another lesson in preparing the disciples.
He tells them again that he is going to send them the Holy Spirit and this time he focuses
on a specific aspect of what the Holy Spirit would do. That is what we are going to look
at today.

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