when verse 12 says, the Holy Spirit will continue the revelation of who God is to us, we have to understand it carefully because this verse can be greatly misused. So when we are getting a new revelation of who God is from the Holy Spirit, it does not mean that we get a revelation that can be in any way be different or contradict what is already revealed in Scripture. You see Scripture already tells us everything the world knows about the Father and the Son. So because Jesus Christ has explained this extremely tight coupling within the Trinity, and focus on glorification of the other, if we get any revelation from the Holy Spirit, to test that it is actually from the Holy Spirit, it should pass the Son test.
Now if you are hesitant about sharing the Gospel because you can look at this situation and say, that is why I don’t share, because people don’t believe or change. Or perhaps you are thinking that they will get offended or even that they might think of me as “that kind of person”. Well the Good News is that if it is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict people of who Jesus is, and of God’s goodness and judgment day then that makes it better because it takes the pressure of you to convince anybody. Your job it not to change anybody’s mind. You job is to share what you have. The treasure box of the Gospel that was given to you. You can also share how the Holy Spirit unlocked the box given to you and what he did in your life. But isin’t it a beautiful thing that the job of transforming people’s heart is going to be done by the Holy Spirit himself!