February 28, 2021

Why was John written?

Passage: John 20:30-31

The book of John opened with the prologue in poetry form describing God and Jesus. It starts by describing God and His Word as both separate and unified. And then it goes on to say that the Word became a person and dwelt among his people. And that person was Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ was the Son of God. And that meant that the One true God that the Jews always believed in consists of a Father and a Son. Why, was the Book of John written? It says so that you may continue to believe who Jesus is. the entire Gospel of John will all its beautiful construction comes down to this one thing. And in the end, its readers would recognize the power of the name of Jesus. I hope each of us, in the rough moments and low moments of our life will remember to go to this Gospel and walk as the first disciples did with Jesus and renew your love for Him, strengthen your faith and be empowered to fulfill the tasks he has given to each one of us no matter where in life we are.

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